AI is proven to the extent by supporting the business 24/7 without man power using Chatbots in various business as a solution to drive their Sales and Services. We can enable our Chatbots solution in different domains like E-commerce, Websites, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Real Estate, Telecom, Education, Manufacturing, Automotive etc

Our Automotive Chatbots solution

Automotive Chatbots helps to improve Customer Engagement and Trust. They are greatlyhelpful in generating leads and driving revenue. Chatbots make it easier for users to find vehicles and compare them in order to make the right choices. Digitizing the initial stages of a customer journey ensures auto dealers can enhance manpower while shortening the sales cycle.Ultimately, turning into higher revenue.

How Chatbot Can Help?

Lead Generation

Engage your website visitors to retain the attention of potential customers. Answer their questions 24/7 to provide expert advice, information about dealership’s inventory, pricing, policies, finance options and more. Integrate your chatbot with your CRM and send new sales leads directly to your sales representatives with key information about the lead’s requirements.

Pre-Sales Activities

From pre-sales activities such as updating customers on car details, financing and booking tests drive, to post-sales tasks including service reminders, roadside assistance, and bots can take up a wide range of responsibilities.

Access to Product Information

Bots help the buyer with all necessary information such as variant, features, price, financing etc. to make an informed decision. This improves customer engagement and develops trust.

Customer Assistance

Simulate the interaction between a salesperson and a car buyer. Understand the buyers' needs, budget, and preferences - and recommend them with suitable cars. Integrate the chatbot with your dealership’s inventory catalog to help customers find the right car for them using their own words.

Post Sale Support

The chatbot is helping car owners make the right post-purchase decisions. Answer FAQ about car care, maintenance, repair, pricing, open hours and more. Connect with your customers 24/7 from their desktop and mobile to improve your dealership’s image and credibility in the eyes of both potential and existing customers. The Chatbot A.I. machine learning helps it learn new questions from conversations with real customers.

Manage Customer Records

Car dealer chatbots can efficiently record, manage and retrieve all past records. Customer details regarding purchases, insurance, services etc. can give the dealers meaningful actionable insights.

Key Benefits

Book Test Drive

Dealer Locator

Product Comparison

On-road Price Calculator

Service Center Locator

New Launches

Auto Loan Enquiry

Latest Offers

Loyalty Program

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