There was a time when real business processes were dependent on people and the manual maintenance of all “books.” But it was exhausting and time-consuming.

Circumstances are different now and there is just a single expansion of the previously mentioned criteria for businesses to succeed that is "Technology". The organizations go out on a limb and don't run with simply their hunch. They utilize Technology to limit risk and settle on more educated choices.

So how have these organizations turned out to be so successful using technology?

The answer is very straightforward - they adopted enterprise business solutions not just as an enabler but incorporated it at the very core of their business!.

In a world where the market dynamics are shifting fast, companies are forced to get IT accurate at the inception itself. IT applications must support a strong business case and deliver measurable strategic benefits. The maturity of IT systems has emerged as a major source of competitive edge. At Nunc Systems, we understand the domain we are restricted to and the role IT applications play in aiding our clients to achieve their strategic objectives. That is exactly why we take a holistic approach towards application development to understand how a particular application fits in with the rest of the IT sector.

Placing more effort towards technological perfection, many companies lose track of the business goals the application intends to fulfill. There is also the risk of fulfilling resolutions that do not take the exclusive culture and organizational structure of different companies into account. When development is not based on a widespread study of the client organization, the resulting applications are not only imperfect, they also run into delays and shoot their budgets. Companies trying to make the most of their IT investments cannot afford these costly mistakes.

Considering customer engagement as the primary target, we analyze the business challenges of our clients to create applications that are required and suitable for their strategy and principles. Something really impressive is that we offer cost effective solutions during the stipulated time frame. Our application development team has proven expertise in developing high-quality IT solutions using a wide-combinations of technologies that enable our clients to choose among the best emerging opportunities and lead the market.

Some of Our Enterprise Applications Are:
Automated Billing Systems
With the help of Automated Billing Systems, you can manage payments, customer accounts and automate billing. The aim of Automated Billing System is to help your business increase productivity and save time and money by automating key processes to reduce the difficulty, faults, and confusion..
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will not only lead to growth and productivity but also results in attracting, retaining and helps in getting more customers. CRM makes the customer “Center” of business processes, workflows and activities.
Enterprise Resource Planning
We provide end-to-end ERP services right from consulting and implementation to testing. We help our clients have access to different technology and functional expertise under one roof. Our ERP services spread across Consulting, Implementation, Migration, Upgrades, Global rollout, Customization, Audits, Support & Maintenance, and Testing.
Business Intelligence
We will help you take better business decisions by providing expert-level business intelligence (BI) services. We work closely with customers to measure their goals and challenges to ensure we deliver the most suitable solution to meet their requirements and provide a competitive benefit.
We Provide:
Application maintances & technical support
Application enhancements & Development
Release Management
Change Management
Vendor delivered tax & updates application
We Develop State-Of-The-Art IT Applications Using the Following Technologies:








Ruby on Rails

Microsoft SQL Server