Our iOS lifecycle right from designing to maintenance


A mobile app is not just a filler to space, it is a channel for people to connect. And at NUNC we have experts in the mobile app development who make it all happen. We do everything from App Ideation and Wireframing to Mobile App Quality Assurance and App Launch and Maintenance in the Apple Store. We provide exceptional user experience to your beloved customers with easy to implement, fully customizable and highly cost-effective solutions.


We plan an early model or design to check the feasibility of the project and also to include the additional valued viewpoint of the client. Once deciding the essential layout, we start adding and implementing the animations and interactions by using apps such as Framer, Origami, etc. We try to add life to the jumbled design within the most inventive manner potential to boost user interaction.


Our Developers are passionate who just know well, when where and how to give a twist to the design in order to reach the client’s prospects. Our developers get themselves trained in various languages to increase the efficiency of your project and aids you meet your customers’ expectations.


This phase is vast, so we make sure our team covers all the necessary facets of it. The application is tested for usability, compatibility, security, interface checks, stress, and performance. Once application passes all the test phases we make your application available for a beta trial, test, you know your solution “works”. The feedback we receive from beta users will help us find out whether the app’s functions are functioning well in a real-world situation.


We value the time, hence never fail to deliver our quality product to our client on time. We include our clients at every stage of development to have straightforwardness and the least mistake. Therefore, we save our time as we lessen risk at the early stages of development.

Tools & technologies

Use cases, Technology & Strategy
UI/Wireframing POC/Prototyping
Performance & Usability, Security & Network Response. Platforms, Device
Executing test cases, Verifying the result as pass or fail
development tools
Deploy & Maintain

Our Portfolio

smart toolkit

Scout Pro

Krishi Gyan sagar

Green Phablet


With the embracing of the current technologies, we ensure that our iOS application becomes a business-ready solution that meets quality standards. Being a mobile application development company, we have an experienced team of iPhone developers who can set your application for success hence you can outstrip your competitors.

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